Thursday, March 18, 2010

Google Chrome receives upgrades

Google has recently done some updating on their Chrome browser for most of its multiple versions that focus on all platforms. Although most of the said updates were but minors the said activity was done in few days since it was about high security fixes to make the version stable.

The stable Windows version of Chrome has five security fixes labeled high including one which was discovered by Sergev Glazunov. For this he received the first $1,337 Chromium security Reward. The security fixes includes the following:

  • plugging holes in tab sandboxing
  • memory errors occurring with malformed SVG images
  • integer overflows in Web Kit JavaScript objects
  • cross-origin bypass error

One of the newest features, the XSS Auditor, since the version has been upgraded to v4 has been disabled. This was due to "serious performance issues".

The new Windows beta version presently includes a translate inforbar for automatic page translation using Google's translate function.

For the benefit of the Mac, Windows, and Linux, updated have been made for the Chrome dev channel. This will allow people to see improvements with the performance of the auto fill feature. Other than this the bookmark folders have received many fixes with regards to usage of the Mac OS X dev channel. However users of the said Mac channel will still experience significant problems with their bookmarking.

The chrome Frame, an add-on of Google's Internet Explorer, also had several repairs. At present it is using IE's default pop-up blocker. Clicking will no longer make the browser crash. Users however are reminded that this feature is still experimental and casual usage is not yet recommended.

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