Friday, March 12, 2010

MySpace: making new out of the old

It's creating something new out of something old; that is presently what is being developed by the people in My Space. They are trying to figure out a new way to make the motto they have today (discover and be discovered); they just want this restated.

Can something old be turned new again?

My Space has been known as that social network focused on younger and artistic modes that touch the pop culture: Jazzed up as we all would call it. It has hooked up a lot of users that even personalizing one's page became a craze.

The said changes include a new Today on MySpace (TOM) to greet new users. However the changes are taking a slow movement.

MySpace is presently being managed by Hirschborn and Jones. They took over after News Corp fires CEO Owen Van Natta last month. They reported to Natta about their plan to revive the site which has lost ground due to other social networks such as Facebook.

MySpace is still a small enterprise with just $350 million in annual revenue.

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