Thursday, March 18, 2010

Final Fantasy continuous: 13th Installment in away from the traditional

WE have always loved the final fantasy installments. The role playing game that let us live the lives of characters as they deal with magic, adventure and at times love.

This year final fantasy approaches its thirteenth installment however with that certain question as to whether it can stand apart from the others.

It is one of the longest running video game franchises and has sold in excess 90 million of it for the past 20 years since it first started.

Final Fantasy was first released on Nintendo Entertainment system in 1987. It was a big hit locally in Japan. The westerners’ acceptance to this game however started during 1990 where sales went extremes the two million mark thus holding a great future for Square as a key international publisher.

Although with the acceptance of final fantasy, the second and third installment didn't reach the western shores so when the fourth came out the west took it as the second. The fifth didn't get there either but they got the sixth which they called the third. So it goes on and the installment to the game became more confusing then again final fantasy has always taken the same name that it became a phenomenal tag.

Final Fantasy has given its supporters every gaming platform plus spin-offs which graced genres: diverse turn-based strategy game, massively multiplayer online worlds, fighting games, and even the CGI movie.

Although there have been many final fantasy installments that garner great reviews, it was the seventh that reigned supreme. The story was remarkable that it captured many people's interest. It is still holds the most compelling story plus characters that are considered as unforgettable. One of the main characters names Aeries remained as an oft-cited high-water mark in gaming history. Even its music was adapted as one of the best classical music s its soundtrack boomed to impressive in concert halls.

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