Friday, January 8, 2010

Linux Mint 8 “Helena” 64 bit OS Version: The Difference with the 32 Bit Version

The new 64 bit Linux Mint Helena is almost like its Main Edition. It has the same improvements as the 32 version and features a lot of improvements. The only difference is that it is made for the 64 bit processors like the Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Core 2 Quad, and AMD Athlon X2 64.

The latest from the Open Source world it has the latest features stated below:

· OEM installationpossibility to ignore updates

· configuravle menu places

· multiple selection in the Software Manager

· new system tray File Uploader with support for drag and drop

· multiple files uploads

the difference between a 32 bit and a 64 bit

The Linux Mint 8 Helena may have no difference with its features whether it is the 32 bit version or the 64 bit version. The difference however, and the reason why people may want to try this out, relies on the compatibility with the 64 bit processors.

A 64 bit processor can handle 64 bits of data at one time while a 32 bit processor can only handle 32 bits. There are things to consider though when it comes to speed. Using the 64 bit doesn’t necessarily mean that it can make the system work faster, this will still depend upon other peripherals like memory and the program used. The thing is this type of processor allows working with other 64 bit hardware and software. If the devices used with the 64 bit stays with only a 32 bit it will still work in a speed within a 32 bit processor limit.

Linux Mint 8 64 bit

Linux Mint 8 had made lots of improvements to its system thus allowing more enjoyable and organize work to be done. Since its release it has received great reviews from users as they shift to using the said operating system. With a more developed system in Linux Mint 8 64 bit operating system, the full potential of Linux can be further met even if the computer goes for a 64 bit processor. Staying with the Linux Mint 32 bit OS, configured to a 64 bit processor can’t get to enjoy the advantage given brought by upgraded peripherals.

To get more out of Linux and to enjoy its full potential especially in both leisure and work, shifting to the Linux Mint 8 64 bit system is a good solution to best compatibility for upgraded computers.

Summary: Linux Mint 8 Helena 64 bit operating system brings no difference in features with its 32 bit version. However background check on the 64 bit processors will tell you all why this new version of Helena is best for your upgrading needs.

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