Thursday, January 7, 2010

Choosing the Right Windows OS: XP, Vista, or Windows 7?

Choosing techy stuff, from gadgets to systems software majorly depends on your needs from personal to work. Cellphone at the present have their own connotations thus allowing any customer to have the right choice to fit a certain lifestyle—the latest android phones being more in demand for allowing multitasking. Meanwhile for Windows users, choosing Windows 7 or Vista doesn’t depend on the latest model but on the usage of the computer either for business or leisure.

Criteria that must be considered in choosing the right Windows OS to be installed in your computers include the following:

1. Home and Office Use – how it generally supports home use like Internet browsing, homework, and home office work.

2. Multimedia Use – for entertainment purposes like playing of music and videos, picture storage, editing of media and creating copies.

3. Security – protection it can provide from different malwares like viruses and pop-ups.

4. Networking – connection to other DTE (data transmitting equipment) or other peripherals.

5. Ease of Use – functions should be easy to navigate—user friendly.

6. Technical help/support- provision of instant assistance in fixing problem encountered. These are self-guided support.

Windows 7

Windows 7 may be the latest and at the moment has caused sudden interest because of its promise of speed, lesser consumption in drive space and it’s compatibility with applications. Since its release last October 2009, Windows 7 has gained the whole attention of all geeks and techy after the drop in sales of due to Vista’s errors.

The recent release of the 64 bit Windows 7 has given greater promise of faster and easier work activity. With its increase performance additional applications it is said the Windows 7 is perfect most especially for those who wanted to get their office work done especially in searching for files, plus the “godly mode” which was said has the ability to gain access in all file folders using one folder.

It was also said that this OS is perfect for the gamers with the fast drives and easier plug and plays that are perfect for adding joysticks and game controllers.

Here are other key features to Windows 7:

  • Plug and play capability with hardware and peripheral devices
  • Completely customizable task bar
  • Jump lists
  • Homegroup networking
  • Low memory footprint


It may have been a bumpy ride for Vista especially with a lot of application said to have problems with compatibility; however it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s so bad. With the continued sales of Vista and further development of this OS, Vista is has become a comfortable software to its users especially for those who use their computers for business purposes. Here are the key features that make this OS a good choice:

  • Windows Media Center
  • Advanced protection from malware
  • Parental control options
  • Windows sidebar
  • Real time searches

Windows XP

Windows XP is still a great OS even with the presence of newer OS. This is still considered perfect for the gaming community since it works well with both the new and old games. Users with specific need in multimedia will still find this OS appealing. Sadly this operating system will soon be out of the stores with the entourage of Windows 7. Here are the key features that make this OS a perfect as a choice:

  • Fast boot up time
  • Driver rollback
  • Low system requirements
  • Low memory footprint

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