Friday, May 7, 2010

Checking out The Windows 7 distros: which one's perfect for you?

Windows 7 is that new version that is said to be what Windows Vista should have been. It is in fact better as it introduces a lot of new features. This new OS has focused its goal on being fully compatible with applications and hardware which is where Vista had failed to so.

Windows 7 has four distros, each with features that is designed for a specific purpose. This would definitely help users get the most out of this OS giving them options to fit into their activities.

Before getting too excited on upgrading your PC (even updating) here is some information on the four distros of Windows 7.

1. Windows 7 Starter

"Simpler and easier to use"

Starter combines the latest in reliability and responsiveness when it comes to familiarity with compatibility. It gives less hassle connecting to networks. However considered as the lightweight version of this new operating system, this only comes with Netbooks. It is not available for upgrading a Windows XP or even Vista. The sixty-four bit is not available and the backup and restore center won't work with network based drives. Since it is a "starter" it lacks the key features that made Windows 7 the much awaited OS that has surpassed Vista.

The starter, however, can pin programs to the taskbar, plus the jump list remains active. There’s the snap function for resizing program windows although it lacks the aero look. But for those who love the internet the better Wi-Fi and device management are fully functional. Users can also use the in-place anytime upgrade option to buy an upgrade going to Home Premium.

2. Windows 7 Home Premium

"The best entertainment experience on your PC"

Retail price: $119.99.

This distro offers media enjoyment by letting the user create a home network and share favorite photos, videos and music. Free movies and music is accessible everywhere with its internet TV on Windows Media Center.

Home Premium is said to be one that appeals best to casual users. Public search shows that most of the big features that Microsoft can offer (sure to love by the public) is included in this distro:

· Aero Peek for previewing programs and clearing the desktop

· Aero Snap for resizing windows

· Aero skin which includes a translucent Taskbar and window borders.

· Aero shake which allows quick way to clear the desktop

With its features centered on Media entertainment, Windows media Center and Media Player allows users to stream video directly to their desktops. Furthermore it can be used to create a Home Group making sharing of music, videos and pictures between computers belonging to the same group simpler.

Unlike the Started, Home premium is available in 64-bit however it can only support up to 1GB of RAM. Home Premium can also be upgraded to either the Professional or Ultimate Widows 7 distros.

3. Windows 7 Professional

"Everything you need for work and home"

Retail price: $199.99

Professional distro is said to be perfect for the career person in the user. It allows the user to run many Windows XP productivity programs in Windows XP Mode plus recover them easily with automatic backups either to your home or business network.

This windows distro allows access to company networks effortlessly with a more secure domain join, proving further its flexibility.

With the said features, background check shows the Professional as an operating system that is definite power user edition. It supports up to 192 GB of RAM in 64-bit mode. It can also work with two physical processors. However this distro lacks the AppLocker and the BitLocker features thus disabling it to handle remote Aero glass support. It also lacks the multilingual interface support pack.

4. Windows 7 Ultimate

"Designed for people who want it all"

Retail price: $219.99

The Ultimate distro is the most versatile and powerful edition of windows 7. It has combined the entertainment features of the Home premium with the Professional's business theme (which means access to Windows XP mode).

Public search shows that Ultimate's security can be encrypt with data with BitLocker and BitLocker To-Go. It is also good to know that it can work with 35 languages.

For a more plus with the Ultimate; it also has virtual hard-disk booting and subsystem for Unix Applications. Features that separate the Ultimate from Professional is in a class that goes exclusively for international or network use. For home and office power user however the Ultimate is non recommendable.

For more information on what the windows 7 distros, public search brings us to Reviews of the Distros give us a table that will help see in what features are available.

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