Friday, December 4, 2009

Linux Mint vs Windows 7: which is better?

windows 7

They both came out at the same time: Linux Mint and Windows 7. Which is better?

After the flops experienced with the Windows vista OS, Windows 7 is said to be the salvation Microsoft has been waiting for to redeem their glory in the market. If this work then it’s definitely a certified win situation for its developers.

For the past few weeks since it was first released Windows 7 has received great reviews starting off with the consumption in memory upon installation. Windows Vista actually consumes about 10G but with this new OS it took on lesser. Installation was faster too taking 15 minutes and three restarts.

The desktop background shows an excellent design that is pleasing to the eyes. Its icons are larger and with regards to the tabs, it can easily give visuals for the activity that it presently has (whether it’s browsing through the internet or making a document). However there are some documents done through open office that doesn’t open with Windows 7. You have to install the said application to be able to check it out. There are also some videos that didn’t go well with it also. This is because Windows 7 requires upgrading of other peripheral to get other apps working.

Linux Mint, on the other hand, consumes little memory space and gives faster installation. It has larger icons not to mention new features that give it that friendly user feel (like “suggestions”). The background to the Mint has also enhanced in terms of shade making it more eye friendly for those who hate having a glaring light feel. Icons are better enhanced as the GUI (graphics user interface) is given an extra boost. However the name given to the icons, even the directory, is confusing to users. It needs to be more descriptive to have it better understood. Other complaint regarding Linux Mint is its audio which is said by some users to suddenly stoLinux Mintp.

It is pretty obvious how Linux Mint seems to be used more by computer lovers everywhere. For both Operating Systems however, their installers can be downloaded in the internet for free, however with a one year limit only. Windows 7 on the other hand also holds a promise for good system application that is it only needs additional upgrading of its hardware peripheral. You choose…which one do you think is better—go and give it try.

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  1. Linux mint is much better and alot more user friendly.
    You can use it on machines that run xp slowly and still have several applications open at the same time. all software is free from the software centre which results in you saving over £250 after buying a decent copy of ms office.
    why not spend the extra money on buying yourself a netbook? long battery life + running linux mint flawlessly.