Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Total Dominion of Search Maketplace: Google Ranking High on Surveys

The Internet really has dominated the revenue in marketplace with US solidifying in its recent months it searches. Gaining information has really powered up as the net gives people a chance for fast and easy researching. And among the search engine to give such results is Google gaining the highest number of users.

Google owned almost two-thirds of the market share. Yahoo and Microsoft (MSN) are trailed behind in the browser’s race for the top. The results from comScore showed Google capturing 65.4% of the search market since January while Yahoo and MSN gained 17% and 11.3% respectively. In comScore’s background screening of the said sites, it was seen that two of these have decreased compared to their previous months with Google once was owning 65.7% and Yahoo loosing minor with its last result being 17.3%. Microsoft however gained more as its last results were seen to be only 10.7%. The remaining details of the search market were already a compilation of the results from AOL LLC network and Ask network. These two sites have remained with the same status as they mark with 2.5% and 3.8% respectively.

Last January Americans were noted to conduct 15.2 billion searches. This made a 3% turn of increase for the search market. Google sites were responsible for the 9.9 billion searches. But it wasn’t only Google (or Yahoo or Bing/MSN or any of the browsers mentioned) that got into the comScore result.

This was no surprise. Craiglist and Facebook also had a share of the search marketing results. comScore also showed that they have search results of 636 million and 395 million respectively. It was also noted that Facebook constituted 13% gain.

Amazon sites were unfortunately the biggest losers at this point. comScore showed them to have their results fall (compared to last month’s) to 302 million searches.

There are others who have conducted the said survey. Fox interactive Media recorded a 5% drop from FAcebook and Craigslist as well.

Whichever way we look at search marketing, let’s admit that the internet has become the best source of information that even people search or pre-employment background search are being conducted through it. Documented, although at times it may be blemished by hackers, searching something that may help people gain ideas are at this point basically coming from the net. The results presented by ComScore are no surprise and at this point it can’t be helped to make the domination of search marketing grew.

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