Friday, January 29, 2010

Apple Tablet gets the credit: first notion of Tablet from Bill Gates

After a decade of trying to pursue the notion of a tablet computer for consumers, it is likely possible that Apple will get the credit and the revenue for making the product mainstream.

Although PC makers have been selling tablet-shaped computers, it was only limited to the business markets instead of giving a chance to the average Joe.

It wasn’t just Apple who’s been thinking of the Tablet computer. It can be remembered that Microsoft’s Bill Gates first talked about the idea at Comdex back in 2000. A year later, he rolled out various models, including Compaq prototype.

Microsoft continued to refine the notion, improving the handwriting--however the product remained a niche. Recently the company even worked on an effort to make a tablet called as Project Origami. They did get a considerable buzz even before people knew what the project was.

Microsoft continues to make exploration on the possibility of their Tablet PCs. They have placed a notion to have a dual-screen tabled, code named Courier. A video was shown on CNET which was confirmed to be true by Robbie Back, unit head for Microsoft Entertainment.

Apple was not the first to think of the Tablet PC. Background check shows that Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, first presented the idea at Comdex.

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