Tuesday, October 20, 2009


New innovations for better outputs….

For someone who has had a background in computer education, it is quite easy to figure out if an application is perfect for one’s need and usage. However there is also the comfort that is needed especially in understanding it. Everybody maybe computer literate but not everyone is a computer expert.
Operating systems play a significant role for PC users. I for instance have made Windows XP my favorite unlike some past college peeps who have their eyes set on Linux. What’s nice about Windows is its user friendliness that makes troubleshooting, especially for beginners, quite easy. However, since I installed a Windows Vista, things become rather difficult, not to mention there are other applications that are having trouble due to incompatibility.
It’s good to know that Windows 7 is out now for all those who have missed easy and user friendly OS. Vista was launched three years ago and had made using the computer difficult. It has been outshone by its predecessor, Windows XP. The new OS from Windows is definitely far off as commented by the said application’s first users. It is faster and more reliable secure and more easy to use. Furthermore, Windows 7 can definitely entertain new installations to benefit its system unlike Vista.
At present the said OS is a hope for Microsoft to redeem itself for fall brought about by Vista. I’m definitely trying this one out.

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